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Death2009 said: Chumly said: All Diar does on this site is start flame wars. Hes obviously hurt that his console of choice is doing terrible compared to the Wii but hes just in denial about it. He has to go out and insult anyone and everyone to try and make up for it. Stop flamebaiting and let it go. I have seen his posts and it was stated he didn't have one. Nobody is winning any prizes here so just knock it off, this has gotten rather annoying! I know for a fact I am not the only one who wouldn't feel a lose if all 3 of you went away.
He derailed the thread by bringing up november and december. I got annoyed so I pointed out why that wasnt logical but he went into a rampage about it. If you dont want flame wars then you should just ignore all of the posts about it and not add to them.