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starcraft said:
Is that all the games up then?

Everything I can think of and then some.

Except for Cry On, there is still a chance that that will be a 2008 title.

I've actually got about 8-10 more to add and then I'm done for now. I also won't be adding Cry-On to the list unless someone can provide me with any proof that the game is in active development. The only info I have on the game was a preview told by Sakaguchi back in 2005 which was a rundown of the game script. No screenshots or anything further after that. Does anyone actually KNOW this game is being made for sure?

On a side-note, i'll be remaking this topic anew because I didn't realize about the content limit for a topic. I ran out of room already. The new one will be up tonight, probably with the list. I'm happy everyone's been excited about the list thus far. I'm sure it brings the 360's lineup into a brighter light than most thought originally.


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