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Just to add to my previous comment as well, I have to wonder how many mixed messages the company is going to be getting on this.

It's obvious that there is a small, but insanely vocal group of individuals who believe that sub based play is and will always be the true way of playing MMOs. You can see it all over (Massively is a bastion of anti-F2P around their comment sections, for instance). It 'gets rid of the rabble' or something like that. So, it makes me wonder how many of these people are going to prop things up as much as they can and throw as much support Zenimax and Bethesda's way as possible for it. Thus, the company will think that there is TONNES of support for this and will feel they're completely validated in their choice, when they're just pandering to a minority.

I can't help but think of Final Fantasy XIV's original release...

How the hell did that ever get past the alpha and beta stage without anyone actually bringing up that there were a lot of problems? Well, apparently, a lot of the people in the beta were fans and wanted to make sure that the company felt like they were doing well and what not. This obviously caused some issues when they released the game and it was outright panned.

Sooo...how many super-vocal pro-sub people are going to give them this idea that subs are most definitely the way to go? It's going to make for some very interesting discussion.