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Kresnik said:
justinian said:

I have been arguing this for so freakin' long it's insane. How much longer will it take before they wakeup and realise that if they continue on their current path of releasing non-standard hardware developers will not be interested regardless of sales - as with the wii.

Open a new Nintendo studio, call it Nintendo Hardcore or whatever so people will know it is a Nintendo game but not the cartoony kids games. Not everyone is into Mario and Zelda. What sells a billion today wont necessarily sell more than a quater that tomorrow.

You would have thought that the success of the wii and it's first party titles would have pushed them to expand their genres into FPS, Driving Sims etc., They need their hands in more pies where software is concern.

I'll probably get ganked for saying this ("It's a waste of resources; we don't want third parties, we want Nintendo games!"), but:

I've always thought Nintendo could potentially look into investing in two studios - one in Japan; one in Europe/US, to do porting work for them.  Then approach the bigger publishers who aren't bringing their titles across (say: approach Konami about MGS5 and Rockstar about GTA5) and offer assistance in porting the games across.  

I know that it shouldn't have to come to this, but I think it has the potential to help.  If they can get some of the bigger names to come across; and then advertise them when they do; it might kick-start some other titles to come over other than Call of Duty & Assassin's Creed.

I suppose the potential downside is that it may cause some developers to expect Nintendo to offer assistance in the future.

I dunno, just an idea.

I think you make perfect sense and you are on the right track.

When Sony launch the PS4 they talked a lot about how they consulted the third party developers to find out what they (the developers) wanted from a console. When MS was told by developers to double the RAM on the x360 they did it.

Nintendo seems to be out of touch with the developers and produce consoles that suit themselves. I see nothing wrong with this. I even respect this.  But if you take this path surely at some point common sense will indicate that when you are in such a position you can only rely on yourself to develop software.

To hell with the third party. Expand your studios to create new games and develop genres that are so badly supported on the wii u. Develop your own Halo, your own GT while still focusing on your bread and butter that is Mario, Zelda and SSBB etc.,

If Nintendo can work with the third parties porting  games as you suggested, brilliant.

At least that way you can be sure to have decent titles to support your console from launch. MS or Sony don't need to do this because they have full third party support and the way the industry have grown over the last gen these developers will now want to start making money ASAP on their consoles.

I like many other wii u owners have one for the typical Nintendo games but find it frustrating that I must then buy another console for quality shooters, driving sims, sports etc., If nintendo gave me those games I would probably be happy with just the wii u. That's me being totally honest. If I was allowed only one console next gen it would probably be the PS4 or xbone because I rather have the quality sports, FPS, Driving Sims etc., over cartoon games (which I still like). And I am a big nintendo fan.

Right now lots of potential wii u buyers are waiting for game or a price cut. Some have probably given up on it all together. There is no urgency.

Don't give customers these options. Give them software so that they buy the console now and can't wait for a price cut.