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4k1x3r said:
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pezus said:

How sure? 

What does stealth bundled mean? Does it mean that it's an optional bundle out of a few or many others? Why don't the other games not sell 11m?

A stealth bundle is a dirty tactic used by Sony when a game cannot sell enough units to make respectable profits. Sony knows this is the case about GT5, so they try to sneak in a low-key bundle to trick themselves into believing it actually sold more (hence the term "stealth"). Sony doesn't care how GT5 sells, they only care that it sells a lot, even if some are given away for free. Whenever Sony has a meeting, everyone pretends GT5 sold those copies all by itself, knowingly ignoring the fact that it didn't, all so they can be happy. This is the purpose of a stealth bundle.

I lost a lot of brain cells reading this. If you see a PS3+GT5 bundle and you're interested, you fucking buy the bundle, if you're not interested, there's a LOTTT of bundles available. Sony knows people want GT5, that's why they bundle it so it sells faster, it sells by himself, just the way you do it is different. How hard is it to understand?

Lol I think he's just joking.