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axumblade said:
I'd go for SML even if it's kinda short.

I don't know what I'm going to get...I have SML and Links Awakening on VC and Super Smash Bros on the 64...Don't really want Wario Ware...

Anybody know if Sakura Samurai is any good? If not, I'm probably going to get the Majora's Mask soundtrack

I got Sakura Samurai for my Gold reward. It's a fun little game, but gets repetitive and the fun wears off pretty fast. Well, at least I got it for free...

It tries to add some replayability too with the expert mode once you beat the game, but I beat that after two sittings. There was nothing else I could have gotten that would've interested me though (besides the stuff I already have), so no regrets. :P


@OP I would get SML if I were you unless you don't find yourself touching older games anymore.