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I'm really looking forward to what Japan Studio is bringing. I really hope Freedom Wars gets released outside of Japan because the trailer I saw for it really had me excited. I don't own a Vita yet but between that game, Tearaway, and Killzone: Mercenary those would probably be all it would take for me to finally drop the money on one.

I'm actually expecting Sony to announce that The Last Guardian was pushed to the PlayStation 4. It's just been too long for a game being developed for the PlayStation 3 to not have been released already. I have a feeling they scrapped it and rebuilt the game for the new console.

Blockbusters are nice but sometimes you just want to sit down with a game that's different than what you normally would play. A game that tries to be different than other games in the genre or at least gives you more and better of what made the other innovative games popular. Sometimes these are even games that end up spawning a whole new genre/subgenre. What I'm also looking forward to are any future collaborations with Level-5 and From Software. White Knight Chronicles was disappointing but Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy were great games that I honestly felt were underrated. Then there is Demon's Souls. I don't think I need to say anymore than that other than Sony had better be paying someone to make a sequel to that game.