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Jay520 said:
sales2099 said:

When it was teased, some thought it would be for PS4. Fan logic can be broken, you know this. Im sure it would be nice if it was on PS4 so its yet another game to add to lists.

You said the PS4 lost a title to brag about. You must be implying that people were using this game to brag about the PS4.

But that's wrong because: "thinking the game might be on the PS4" =/= "bragging about the game being on the PS4"


As for the "Im sure it would be nice if it was on PS4", that's just shameless backtracking and you now it. I'm sure it would be nice for Playstation Legion (as you say) if GTA V was a PS3 exclusive. But just because it's not exclusive, that doesn't mean the Ps3 lost a title for the wishlist. You cannot lose something you don't have.

You are wrong (again).

I said fanboy logic can be broken. On both sides. You are trying to bring order to chaos ;)


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)