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DucksUnlimited said:
ListerOfSmeg said:
stick with a wii u or pc and dont have to worry. plus if you go pc you can play games now for free that are coming late to ps4 with additional charges since you cannot do anything online without paying for..

Things like this are going to hurt sony in the long run. just too confusing for the average person, even sonys die hard dont even understand how it works. They think you get free games, you dont, you get what netflix members get. access as long as you pay. most wouldnt say netflix gives free movies but some how they think renting games means owning them... you cant access them without plus so they are not free

This is getting ridiculous man. Stop spreading misinformation that you've already been corrected on numerous times.

Give up. He won't listen. It's like his mission to make Playstation look bad. Even if the information is wrong.