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Wow, 2 times stronger now, your maths are awesome :) 

Keep dreaming about your "facts" dude... If it makes you happy to believe that, it makes me happy!

He is close. It's 1.5x more powerful than the Xbox One. 1.2 TFlops, vs 1.8 TFlops.

Also, GDDR5 is far more expensive than the ESRAM addition in the X1.

DDR3 is the RAM in xbox One.... BTW .6 Terraflops difference is not 1.5X stronger lol that is only half a terraflop.

As far as Iknow GDDR5 RAM is memory that is only found in graphics cards. Considerign we are talking about system memory here it puzzles me how it is they are using graphical memory to run the system. Maybe I am wrong on this but unless I`m doing research into graphics cards I`ve never seen GDDR memory of any kind. Show me where I can buy 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM for my PC...I have 8 GB of DDR3 RAM in it as of now and  1GB GDDR5 Nvidia Graphics card.

Ok lets do a bit of math shall we: 1.2 (xb1 tf) x 1.5 = 1.8 (ps4 tf) also I love how everyone forgets that the xbox 360 uses 512mb of UNIFIED GDDR3 memory for both the system os and graphics.  

.6 more terraflops is just slighly more than half a terraflop not 1 1/2 terraflops. .5 =/= 1.5

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