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NYCrysis said:
If no kinect version how much will the box cost? $300? Cause the box itself is much weaker than the ps4.

Funny that everyone says this...both machines are nearly equal to eachother. same amount of ram but one has stronger ram while one is faster. the only big difference is the terraflops of each system.  Just look at the games that had actual gameplay from E3 they are not that different from eachother. PS4 is a more powerful system but not by a huge margin. Guarantee you that if Xbox One was sold without Kinect it would be $399 just like PS4.

I don`t see them selling it without Kinect though. The whole point of them selling it with Kinect only is because the machine was designed along side Kinect 2 and they want to assure developers that if they make features taking advantage of the device that all users will have the capabilities to do so.

It`s funny that Kinect being bundled with every system is such a big deal people still. If you look at the tech demo stuff for Kinect 2 it has the potential to do tons of readings and capabilites of doing things that are not even possible with the current Kinect. I barely use my Kinect on X360 but it is always plugged in.

I`m not paranoid about silly things like... OMG they are always watching me or OMG my privacy is gone!

It`s ridiculous that this is such a big deal since you can theoretically disable anything the device can do or even deny Microsoft from having permission to use any data off your Kinect.

People are making a big deal out of nothing. Unless you are complaining about price difference of PS4 & Xbox One that is...


 How our favorite systems are just like humans and sometimes have issues finding their special someone...

Xbox 360 wants to KinectPS3 wants to Move!  Why are both systems having such relationship problems?  The reason is they both become so infactuated with desire while watching the Wii as it waggles on by. They simply want what they can't have.

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