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papamudd said:
How does having a digital market place... which is already on current gen systems... make it future proof? I can't take my digital purchases from last gen devices on to next gen devices. PC's are upgradeable so there is a big difference there. As far as I can tell there is nothing future proof about the X1 at all. I don't know why people would even assume such a thing as a digital copy does not make it future proof if it is not compatible with future hardware. So the X1 makes all your games digital, that doesn't mean at all that they will have better sales/deals similar to steam, nor does it mean its future proof. For something to be future proof it needs to be compatible with the future, and currently there is nothing to imply a digital copy of a game on a console is any more future proof than a physical disc. Not to say that digital only markets are not the future of gaming in general, but in and of itself a digital purchase is not any more future proof than a physical disc for console gaming.

kk lets rephrase it, MS is preparing the X1 for the inevitable future of gaming. Happy?

As for the bolded thats exactly what this means. When you buy a game from Steam, you don't own it. You own the digital rights to the game and you cannot trade, borrow, or sell your games at all and they can be taken away from you in a instant. Because of this steam can allow for massive discounts because publishers know the game will not be sold, or borrowed by anyone else and if someone wants to play the game they need to buy it.  MS knows this and are pushing hard to make their system more like steam so they can offer these level of discounts to their customers.