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J_Allard said:
TheBlackNaruto said:
J_Allard said:
I didn't watch the video.. I assume that as a MS exec, he answered that people should go out and buy a PS4 instead?

Nah....he told them to basically just stick with or get a 360 instead....

Of course he did, it's the only logical answer.

If someone asked Kaz what system someone should buy if they don't want to pay to play online, is he going to answer WiiU, or is he going to answer PS3? And when he does answer PS3, are all these people with Sony avatars/signatures going to call him arrogant or crap on him like they are doing Mattrick? Not a snowballs chance in hell lol.

There is a small, almost unnoticeable difference: other systems don't require an internet connection to play offline. So if someone asked Kaz what system someone should buy if they just want to play offline, he could answer PS4 without any problem. He could also answer any other console except XBone, anyway.

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