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allenmaher said:

So the base prices of systems have been announced, but what is the real cost of systems?

  Wii U XB One PS4 Low end Gaming PC (Alienware x51 base model) High End Gaming PC
Base System 300-350 500 400 700  
Second Screen Option Included Tablet or Smartphone 300+ Vita 250 not Applicable  
Online Play Included 60/year x 5 years = 300 50/year x 5 years =250 no extra cost  
Additional Controllers

Wiimote Plus 35x4 =$140

Pro Controller 50 x 1 =$50

??? ??? game controler 40 to 120  
Motion Control included in Wiimotes Included in Connect Move ??? not applicable  
Additional Storage USB 1 Tb $100-150 USB 1 Tb $100-150 ??? included (1 Tb)  
Total 590-690     740 +  

Can anyone fill in the blanks?

I just wanted to mention, Motion Controls are applicable to PCs, because well, I use  my DualShock 3(Sixaxis) on my PC... I also know that PCs are Kinectable and can use WiiMotes/Moves, a second screen comes easy via a second monitor. Also, did you include periferals for the PC? (Mouse, Keyboard, a first Screen?) Additionaly, have you included the lower game price for the games? No? Well, then i suggest rethinking this price listing. Also, you do not need a second screen/motion controls to be playing a valid game. So this is all really hard to calculate, maybe you should integrate different tiers of "gaming-hardware-pricing".