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Got 3 pre-ordered. 2 for me and my lady. 1 for sale on ebay.

I went with 3 others that also pre-orderd it. We all have had internet for years. Maybe it's me but I think this is only a problem for people without money. no offense. Also Google fiber well be around the US in coming years. Once that happens, no one is not going to have internet. I kinda understand why xbox is doing this. The people that buy used really make no money for any of the producers or the company. Game stop was making so much money while great software companies where failing. Who didn't expect this and don't Think Sony is that far behind. Once games feel like they can make more money with xbox, they will go exclusive. I seen this happening years  ago and I don't blame them. I have had internet for around 12 years or atleast the last 10. Also I only have to buy one xbox live subscription for me and my lady.