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Ckmlb1 said:
osed125 said:

While Sony didn't lied, if some publishers do come on with DRM for the PS4, then who do you think people are going to blame? Sony.

It's true that a publishers decision won't be Sony's fault, but I bet that if EA comes out with something like "offline passes", then people will point the finger to Sony and say "They lied to me!". Hopefully people are smarter than that, but most of the cases they aren't.

Except Sony didn't hide that publishers can put restrictions. They never said they were forcing 3rd parties to do what Sony wants on this. I can blame the government for a bad meal if I'm stupid enough, doesn't mean that makes them culpable. 

The other thing is on PS4 if a company is doing offline DRM then you know to avoid their games if you don't want to deal with that, it's up to you. On Xbox One you're forced to deal with it on every single game whether you want to or not so better to not even buy the console if you don't want that. 

Exactly. But like I said people are stupid, and if publishers come out with DRM, they won't get the blame, the console manufacturer will. 

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