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The only time I think about leaving is all the DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM threads. I mean when something happens and it gets posted the second person to post the exact same thing usually goes "Oh sorry please close my thread"

While doom shit constantly gets posted without ALREADY POSTED replies.

We need some kind of OFFICIAL NINTENDO DOOM OFFICIAL SONY DOOM OFFICIAL MICROSOFT DOOM thread and everyone who wants to post his brainfarts can do it within those threads without crapping all over this site.

I came to this site because of the sales numbers and stayed because this is somewhat of the best NEWS site on the internet.
I mean sure alot of stuff is rumors or bullshit but 1000 people looking for news and then posting them for me to see is extremely convenient. And way more efficient than me looking for news on every single site like Kotaku or whatever. Plus reading what others think about my favorite games etc is also really nice.