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Tachikoma said:

Dear Nintendo fans, I dislike the WiiU, I don't like Mario games, i think all 3d metroids are crap and fully believe the PS4 and Nextbox will decimate the WiiU in sales, but, that said, i still own more WiiU games than almost all of you..


Really, you 'fans' sat there with Nintendoland and NSMBU harping on about how us sony and microsoft fans should get a clue and stop being 'haters', how this and that will happen and how the WiiU is perfectly fine, YOU are the problem, you are the reason 3rd parties avoid the Wii, you hypocritical people are so blinded by your own spin that you cant see that youre a major part of the problem, not the 'evil 3rd parties that screw you over', but wait, whats that? why should you buy shoddy ports of old games ? fair point, clearly if a developer spent the time and money to bring over a new title, maybe even give the WiiU the best version, hell even defend the console agressively like good guys, that sort of developer you'd splash the cash for, right?

So why exactly do global sales ofthe best featured, graphically impressive version of Need for speed most wanted, the best console version of the game, sit barely above 20k units globally? could it be that not buying 3rd party because of shoddy old ports is just a meandering smokescreen? could it be that in truth most of you couldnt really care less about 3rd party titles on the WiiU, but you like having 3rd party around to blame everything on when, quite rightly, publishers abd developers think 'screw it' and skip the WiiU? its all their fault because they wete haters if the wii, and they didnt put in any effort anyway, you bouht a nintendo console for nintendo games after all.


You're the reason the wiiu is in the position it's in, and if it should truly fail, you are the cause. there, i said it.

I bought ZombiU   Darksiders 2     Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed and   Tekken Tag 2.   I bought games that were special (exclusive like ZombiU and would have bought Rayman Legends but since I was happy to get it and then was disappointed by it not coming out   I dont need it anymore and wont buy it unless it hits 15 bucks or so)  and I buy games that are well crafted like  Tekken Tag2, Sonic Racing and Darksiders. 

I avoided old crap like Mass Effect 3  (especially when you think about the trilogy being announced before the Wiiu game was out EA FAIL!) and  Need for Speed  

Will avoid  old DeusEx (if it will retail for more than 29.99  Its on steam for 5!) and I will avoid  lazy (optimization-wise) ports like  Assassins Creed 3 (20 FPS?  Fuck you!)  and Epic Mickey 2 (15 FPS? Fuck you!)   

On PS360 I avoided bad crafted games (like  Castlevania lords of shadow on 360  that sometimes had 14 FPS!?!?)  because when devs dont invest time in optimizing code   I dont invest my money in their games   it's as simple as that.

I expect smooth gameplay without a ton of bugs and completed games without DLC .    Third party thinks  everyone is the same just because alot (NOT THE MAYORITY AND NOT ALL just ALOT!) of PS360 owners lost the understanding for VALUE.  


Third party betrays Nintendo consoles or basically says  Fuck you! Buy our games! (I wonder why that doesnt work hmm?)  They made tons of crap in the past 7 years and they wonder why Nintendo owners hesitate in buying their games?   

Let me give you an example.  
I want you to buy my game.  I praise it as great you buy it and find out it is bullshit (my marketing was successful!).   Then I make another game this time from your favorite franchise (lets use Dead Space as example)   you buy it and find out that its an on-rails-game.  Its a good game but it was not what you expected or wanted.

Now I want to sell you a third game this time its a really great game!!!!.  But this time I ignored marketing because I want to safe money. But all the shit that happened  in the past changed your mindset to  "hmm well lets give it a try  but this time I will wait for it to be discounted I dont want to burn 60 again"

I see that you are not blindly buying my game within the (for whatever reason   magical 3 month release-frame) And then I go FUCK YOU STUPID CUSTOMER! Making games for you is wasting my time and money!!!!!!  Never ever again!!!!!!  It was a good idea I had no marketing! (if I will ever make another game I will make even less marketing then!!!! I wll even form a team to find out how to have negative marketing this time!!!!)

Then you buy the game  and see  well its great. Then you think "They have a 33% chance in making good games"   you have a more positive feeling about my products but are still hesitating  because its just a 33% chance of me making a game you like. 

This %  cant increase since I abandoned your console  and  because  I behaved like a baby and complained about You and all the other people that want Value for their money   and I ignore the fact that I am the reason why all people have such a bad perception of my games   because I thought constant production-value and effort was not worth it.

Then after months or years of complaining about you and being absent from your system (which forced you to live without me and tought you that my games are not at all essential to your gaming hobby)   I come back and make 1 game and EXPECT!(How dumb I am) you do buy it!  If I am super dumb I even use a franchise that is well established on other consoles (but unknown on your console)  And then I wonder why being a BRAND has no effect on a new system......

My Game now has less of a chance of being a success than If i would have released it shortly after the last game I made because people are used to live without my games  by now.

People forgot about the 1 good game but remember the 2 shitty ones (people always remember shit more than they do good stuff because they they think its just normal to get GOOD stuff when you have to pay for something.  They also share negative experiences  more than they share positive ones! Thats basic psychology. Angry customers for example share the bad experience with up to 8x more people than happy customers do with a good experience)

Then I see you dont buy my new game!  And then I am absent from your system for another year or 2  making it even harder to convince you that my game should be essential for your gaming hobby!  And if I have no constant quality in my games its not going to work!

Plus the biggest mistake I made was : I forgot that it took time to shape the community that plays Ps360 games. It took time and some effort to convince them that my games are worht it.  But I expect you and the userbase of your console to be exactly the same people that play ps360.  

I fail to realize that I have to offer a constant stream of quality and value  to convince you that my games are worth it. I dont understand that I have to create a new userbase within your console community. I have to invest alot of time and money to make this happen as I did with other systems in the past.

I totally ignore the rule #1 of business which is  I have to accept short term loss (2-3 games that sell below expectations with constant quality  because 1 single drop in quality and I have to start from scratch!!!!!) before I can expect long term profit (with game 4 people might have understood what the value of my game is and start to buy it). 
Then when those people are brain-washed and the userbase exists  I can start to  devalue my game with less quality and DLC. Otherwise the devaluation and drop in quality is way to obvios and scares away the users.

Plus I am so stupid that I think every person in your console-userbase owner does NOT own another system.  Its PURE LOGIC! its IMPOSSIBLE that they already own  MassEffect 3 on PS360PC  and this CANNOT be the reason why ME3 on your system didnt sell. ITS IMPOSSIBLE!

So what happened?

You were dissapointed twice
And your mindset changed to "hesitation mode"
You now need to be convinced that I offer value
And feel betrayed and in no need of my games since I ignore you for a long time.

I ignore that I made mistakes.
I expect you to do something
I think you are the same as everyone else is.
I forgot that one actually has to WORK and show effort.
I dont offer constant support and value.
I think that treating you like shit will have no consequence.
I completely ignore marketing for your console (even dont show your console in a multiplat  commercial)
My worldview is so limited that I dont even see a possibility that a person can own 2 consoles and that number of sold WiiU's =/= possible new userbase for my games.

P.S.  As I said I own Tekken Tag2   Darksiders2  and Sonic Racing  on WiiU ( I own a 2x PS3 and 2x 360  but I chose to buy the WiiU version to support the system. I didnt buy any Call of Duty version (shooters are for PC) or any version of AC3 since all console versions are crap with their shitty framerate etc. Will wait for a PC discount!)