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Zappykins said:
Woo Hoo!

I wonder what the big 'wow' moments are going to be? Better hardware than the rumors? More memory than the rumors? Better GPU than the rumors? Kinect 2.0 better than the rumors?

No always on conformation?

Or something totally unexpected?

It would be kind of cool if they gave a nod to the rumor-mill as they dismissed some of the silliest.  However, if they don't address some of those rumors at all, it might be a bad sign.

I expect the Kinect 2.0 concept videos to be absolutely amazing.  People are going to be talking about that for awhile and I have no doubt that Microsoft will have the Nextbox all over the talk show circuit for the following week.  They'll probably stress the hardware specs less than Sony did, though.

The real question is, how far along are the Kinect 2.0 games?  Will they risk showing actual live game-play, which is something that has backfired on them in the past with Kinect 1.0?  I think they'll stick with videos for the most part.

I hope they have at least one or two surprises for us.