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"...if two people of different race or different faith are both given equal opportunity but the outcome doesn't result in equal results the system must be fixed so that the one who failed is allowed to achieve the same end result."


I guess you are saying that, for example, it is a problem when/if handicapped people or women are having less requirements to become firemen, policemen, soldiers, etc?

Can't say that I disagree, but I wouldn't say that this a major issue. Let alone something that could start a war.


Now, the gun control issue on the other hand...

That's one my greater concerns, an equaltarian movement that rallied around the idea that in order for everyone to have equal access to freedom guns must be removed from society.  I'm not a gun owner but I respect the rights of my neighbors to carry firearms because I know them and i trust them to make good decisions for their families.  I could see an unfortunate situation in the future where governement would attmept to seize guns and law enforcement and citizens are pitted against one another and shots are fired.