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MDMAlliance said:
Otakumegane said:
Scisca said:
Vita sales:

Japan - 1.40 mil
Europe - 1.40 mil
NA - 1.38 mil
Rest - 0.31 mil

Yeah, the sales in the West are clearly too pathetic to grant us a game...

Well the Tales franchise is a lot more popular there.

And the portable entrants aren't selling godly amounts there either. 

That and North America has 3x as many people as Japan.

All this doesn't change the fact that he said Vita isn't doing good enough. C'mon, before the price cut Japan was the last region in sales! They managed to get ahead of NA and on par with Europe only thanks to the recent push Sony made, they may easily fall back to the last place if Sony cuts the price in the West soon. West is outselling Japan 2:1 and still that's too few Vitas for them just to translate the bloody game? It's Vita, they can just translate it and put the game on the PS Store, I'm sure the sales will top the costs of localisation. If they feel extra insecure about the sales, they could even leave the Japanese voices and just translate the subtitles (though I wouldn't like this). Still, this sounds like a really stupid decision. They are just running away from possible profit for no real reason at all.

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