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JayWood2010 said:
Virus_Of_Life said:
I still can't believe that they were voted the worst company in America, when there are so many terrible, evil, companies out there. Yes you may not like some of the things they decide to do with their games, but surely you should be more concerned with the massive companies monopolizing certain industries, or costing you millions in tax money??

I realize that most gamers are also avid internet users, so they take up a huge chunk of the votes, but still these people must know that EA isn't the worst.

End of rant.

I agree.  Much worst out there.  The food industry in a whole does much more damage with lies everyday.  Or even the fitness industry with worthless supplements that do nothing.

People don't get passionate about rubbish food or health supplements, they just ignore it. Its hard to ignore your favourite franchise whilst EA runs it into the ground.

I actually have no problem with EA. I like Mass Effect 3 and couldn't care for anything else they release but I understand peoples issue with them.