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I'm torn on this game. On one hand, everything other than the art was amazing. On the other hand, the combat was a massive let down.

The ending, as you said, was beautiful and easily ranks somewhere in my top 5 endings of all time. The environment, art, characters, story, sound, everything was also spot-on. In the chapel after the lighthouse I probably spent 30 minutes just taking it in. When the Vox started revolting, you could literally feel them ripping the city apart. It was all just amazing.

Then there was the combat. The spaces were just so large and confusing and you approached every enemy the same way it seemed. It's not that it was bad, it's just it wasn't good at all and when compared to everything else, it just soured the experience. You have the handymen which were simple, you have frustratingly difficult things like Lady Comstock's ghost, and you have wasted opportunities like Comstock House. I don't want to rant, but the combat was easily the lowest point in the game and is the reason I don't really want to rush and play it again.

That said though, the game was still amazing.