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ethomaz said:

Mr Khan said:

The Wii U is the answer to the industry's complaints about the Wii, and they get yet more scorn than they got even with the Wii.

The industry is determined to hate Nintendo. I'm just glad Nintendo's more mature than these assfaces. If it were me, i'd run hate ads against EA and Epic, and damn the expense.

You need to realise the Wii U is what the industry expected from Wii in 2007... not the actual answer for the Wii.

Wii was a better machine than GC, Xbox and PS2... Wii U is not.. it is on pair with current gen... Nintendo just stopped in the time with the Wii U.

We are not getting into this crap again. Wii U is better than PS3 and 360. Full stop, end of discussion. Now.

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