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Max King of the Wild said:
thranx said:
Max King of the Wild said:
wow cant believe yes is winning. that ever happens ill be sure to dodge all fines

Is there a reason you are against it or why you dont believe yes is winning?

Charging someone more because the make more... thats just fucking backwards and greedy. What about drug dealers who make 0 dollars a year and drive an escalade? What about people who make 60k a year and have their house in forcloser? What about people who make 140k a year and have 6 dependants?

a traffic fine is supposed to be a punishment for breaking a law. $100 fine to someone who only makes 500 a week is a punishment, a 100 fine for someone who makes 1,000 or more a week is not as bad as a punishment. Same when they make even more. This isnt taxes here, this is punishing someone for breaking a law. The Germans do it pretty well from what I have read, and they do take those kind of scenarios into thought, maybe not the drug dealer one.


But for the drug dealer one I would say make drugs legal, his income is than legal, and he will fined based on his income, so no issue than