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I was wondering what you guys thought of this idea.  I first heard about it when watching a documentary about the autobahn on the History Channel.  They were showing a sting on tailgating on the autobahn where they set up a video camera that could measure the correct distance of tailgating and then fined the violators according to income.  So if you were rich and tailgating someone you had to pay a higher fine.  Do you guys support this type of fine increase based on income?

I also like the idea of not being able to pass on the right.  This make the fast lane the true fast lane.  I am tired of driving on the highway and sharing the road with terrible drivers that drive 5-10 mph under the speed limit in the fast lane with no one in front of them thus making people pass on the right.  Shitty drivers make the road conditions worse for people that want to go the speed limit or 5 or so mph faster making them pass on the right which could cause an accident due to lane changes.  American drivers suck due terrible drivers ed/test and laws.