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Not sure about this, I know why they are doing it, much like FFXIII-2, to get money back from development but I'd prefer FFXV. Maybe if they add a few more Final Fantasy aspects to it, move into more traditional gameplay.

Alphachris said:
I always wonder why Final Fantasy XIII gets so much hate on the internet while it got mostly stellar to good reviews. Maybe US gamer simply have different tastes in gaming than EU or Japanese gamers?

Well, I am really looking forward to the conclusion of the story arc. Despite all the hate I found that the later Final Fantasy games since FF X offered more mature Storytelling then the former entries.

As an EU gamer, I didn't like it either but it wasn't because it was a bad game, it's because it was a bad Final Fantasy game. All FF games from when I started playing them I have enjoyed all of them (6 onwards really) and FFXIII one I enjoyed least, the gameplay was only okay but the storytelling, certainly wasn't mature, it was nonsense. They were rabbiting on about things I had no idea about, usually FF games have a central character who learns along the way like us the gamers do as well. This didn't have that, they just started using terms I didn't know and the game expected me to read about it in the datalog? 

The whole game feels like a 'press X and go' from running, in battle and leveling up, you just press 'X'.

FFXIII story was the worst in any FF game I've played because it wasn't told well, if it was then people less people would moan about it.

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