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All of a sudden, looks don't matter, say the same guys who would constantly trash the Gamecube for how it looked.


Oh yeah? Do us all a favor and find quotes for everyone here who said anything like that.



Even if I did, you'd fail to believe it since these are from other forums. you know, ones that were around during the Gamecube days, or did you totally forget that?

You made the claim, so back it up.


plus nobody cares what people on other forums said. Go bitch to them, not us.

Tell you what...you convince the admin to allow searches greater than 90 days and I'll give you some quotes..

wow dude are you really harbouring such resentment because of what someone said about a piece of plastic?

Nope. Just pointing out the entire hypocrisy of this thread.

I didn't care about how the Gamecube looked and I dont care what the Ps4 will look like either..though you have to admit if you were around in the early 2000s the amount of hatred towards how the Gamecube looked was phenomenal, moreso than what the PS4 is getting now...