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Smashed said:
JWeinCom said:
DCOK said:

In all honesty, I'm biased. But, I really think Sony gave a glimpse into what a fusion of entertainment/gaming can truly look like if done right. I'm really excited for the PS4, more than I was about the PS3 at this point. 

The PS4 is going to deliver and it will be interesting to see what's in store for us come launch time. 

Sony set tehe bar high with this conference. At this rate, Microsoft better have something really good chalked up. And I think they will, considering how much time they have to prepare now and seeing how they can respond. 

What exactly makes you so excited?

Already has more games than the WiiU.

Really? I was at a game store tonight and didn't see a single game for the PS4, yet there were many for the Wii U. I hope you enjoy playing your imaginary PS4 games with your imaginary friends....By the time the PS4 is released there will be at least 6 times as many games out for the Wii U as what will launch with the PS4.