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Lafiel said:
Lostplanet22 said:
=p. In all those years on Vgchartz I read a lot of 'Sony makes profit on every PS3 sold, Sony is making profit on this;..And that;..' and every time they post a loss.

Sony is for sure not making a lot of profit with Ps plus. Every discount ends up with a low margin of profit for Sony. I am pretty sure that they have contracts that they pay around 5$ bucks for every game downloaded (red dead/just cause 2/ borderlands).

It is just sony's way to create better relations with the devs/publishers that is also why most of the 'free' games are made in the Western market.

And ofcourse trying to establish a bigger community on PSN. It is working because you now exactly get fans who come up with idiot comments as

'Wow I only have to pay 50 $ to get free games' Then again I only had to pay 400$ and Samsung gave me a free tv o_o!

as the owner of the platform Sony doesn't make money by people buying stuff, they make money by people adding money to their psn wallets

So if I buy something with my creditcard on PSn they don't make money? Was their even some thing like a PSn wallet before 2009?  I remember that it was a big deal that sony finally announced the PSn cards/vouchers =p.