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From my experience and many friends' reports, we are spending MORE after subscribing for Ps Plus.

They mostly give away free games that have DLC, or a sequel is incoming. Many people buy DLC they otherwise wouldn't.

I lost count of how many friends bought Borderlands 2 and Borderlands DLC after receiving Borderlands 1 for free.

So I guess it ends up turning a profit.

As for the Vita, yes, many of the best games are available for free but people will still buy DLC or other games they want. I wouldn't have purchased Uncharted or Wipeout, for example. Despite having a big Vita backlog thanks to Ps Plus, I still bought all the games I wanted (SF x TK, Ragnarok, etc). I have 20+ Vita games, yet I'll be buying Dead or Alive 5+ on day one, and so on. Ps Plus does not influence my buying habits unless they give exactly the game I want for free.