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Immortal said:
VGKing said:
Immortal said:
He has a point. Majority of consumers in the UK - and everywhere - aren't obsessed with gaming news and are likely to not know about this announcement. The general public won't follow unless Sony makes sure what they announce is worth following for them, which is possible, but unlikely.

That's where you're wrong. People know when there's a new iPhone right? When its announced we hear about it on all the major tech/mobile sites and even on the news. Now, I'm not saying PS4 will get the same amount of coverage, but it will get coverage.

Completely agree. It will get coverage, but limited. As such, if we peg the number of UK video game consumers at 25 million, I'm confident that the PS4 will not get enough coverage to get the majority, or more than 12.5m, of consumers to take note.

@platformmaster918, do you really expect the average soccer mom or only-plays-CoD teenager to check out videos of video game news? They usually don't know about new consoles until they see advertisements.

Why are we talking like this only applies to PS4? The next Xbox reveal won't reach the masses until they actually see a commerical for it or see it themselves in stores.