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ShroudedDarkness said:
A203D said:
DigitalDevilSummoner said:
Trunkin said:
They basically sent the game out to die with their attitude.

yeah pretty much

i think it's a tie between DmC and PSASBR for the most disgraceful death

I don't know. I think FF13 Lightning Returns could beat them to the punch.

FF13-2 sold less than half the copies of FF13, and its not like they tried to chance the name of FF13-3 to Lightning Returns to avoid the stigma of the FF13 brand... oh wait they did.

Not to mention the game is going to feature some awsome dress up action. How can the game fail.

Its not like its rumoured they want to launch FF13 Versus to the PS4 now because the reputation of the FF13 might affect the sales.

But I guess all that is NInja Theory's fault right!

You mean dressing Lightning up like a rummage sale reject, a sexy samaurai, a princess, in fish boots (70's style like a baller, bitch!), in a fish belt, like a clown, and like Serah even though "Our costumes reflect the character's personality in Final Fantasy" ISN'T to your liking?

(Yes, this is meant to be sarcastic)

Don't follow, are you insulting FF13?

Don't care about dressing up games, Final Fantasy was an RPG series now its been reduced to some teen soap opera with automated combat. To add insult to injury the third game will feature one of the worst characters in the series the only playable character. Well at least you can dress her up now, thats all I want from a game with Final Fantasy on the box. Yes thats is meant to be sarcastic.

Either way its not NInja Theory's fault FF13 turned out that way.