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the2real4mafol said:
I know it's up the parents but i don't agree with home schooling. The kid may do better in education, but they will lack vital social skills.

Anyway, out of both public and private. I prefer public schools because then everyone is actually guaranteed a fairly decent education at very low cost (it's free to go but it's funded by taxes) and so can get a decent chance at life.
I'm sorry but for a basic need like education, you shouldn't have to use your life savings just to go to a decent private school. It's not right that for a few thousand pounds a year you get a far superior education, education shouldn't be dictated by money and the free market at all, it should be there just to better a person's life .


Go check some of the major cities around America. They're graduating below 50% of the kids, and require over $10,000 per student. Not every school provides a great education. Heck, in my county alone, we have huge variance. The school my wife graduated from requires about $9,000 per student in taxpayer funding, and graduates about 81% of kids. Comparatively, the one I should have gone to graduates 93% of kids, and requires only $5,500 per student in taxpayer funding.

Let me throw something crazy at you:

What if private education is cheaper than public education? Where I live, it is. You know how much our local private school costs? About $4,000 per student - lower than any nearby school. That is why many that like private education believe in vouchers - that kids have the right to education, regardless of the facility. If private schools are really better, why can't you take the money you've paid into the system and send your kids to a better place if it costs the same amount of money?

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