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ishiki said:
M.U.G.E.N said:
That's the 'best' part of that game gameplay wise. If you take that out the game would actually suck for me ...the traversal was REALLY boring and the melee was well done but it was button smash galore and I found it to be rather boring and repetitive

you can't really mash in the hardest difficulty atleast if I remember.

It just takes guys forever to die.

Oh I'm sure but it's just...boring. hit hit counter hit hit repeat. Melee is a HUGE part of the game and it's well done too but I dunno...after doing it for a while it got real boring. The stealth bits kept me going.


THE BEST part of the game for me are the NPC and side missions..no joke. For an open world game the traversal was boring too! glideeeeeeeeee..grapple and gliiide sigh people might disagree with me but imho the game was a solid game but overrated. If the main character wasn't batman but this was a new IP it would be judged much differently 

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