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snowdog said:
Blimey, not another one lol. It's selling fine, around 80% of the Wii's sales is quite an achievement. I really don't know where people are getting the idea that it's selling badly from. It's not doing great in Europe but that's generally a Sony territory anyway. Seriously, these threads need to stop.

People are saying it is selling poorly because how the sales are spread across regions. Check how much the Wii has sold in europe and you will think twice about brushing your shoulders. 

The main problem is, people who know about sales trands and stuff know that europe is a far more important market to have over Japan. Japan starts off strong but sales tend to drop off quick. The Wii-U will probs sell like around 10 million or so in japan when all is said and done. The Wii is over 30 million sold in europe. It needs that market.

But the Wii-U has many years for its sales to increase. The console will do alright for itself, no matter what way people try and spin it, but the concern is justified. 

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