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The trick will be finding the right motor. Sony has to know about the drive motor problem. Even though they're not as common as RROD on the 360, it appears to be the most common failure reported, at least from what can be found via anecdotal evidence.

Just ignore MikeB. He's worried that people might read this thread and become convinced that the PS3 has a reliability issue as widespread as the 360. Of course, that doesn't appear to be the case. Even though the Blu-ray drive issue appears to be higher than would be expected, it still doesn't seem to be a chronic problem.

Personally, I think Sony will have to deal with the drive motor failures by extending the warranty. Hey, if they're going to make the ability to play Blu-ray movies one of their most prominent selling features, then they're going to have to make the Blu-ray drive in the PS3 just as reliable as the drives you would find in standalone Blu-ray players... no, even more reliable, because it costs a lot of money to replace a PS3.

It stinks that Sony won't extend the warranty coverage for a machine that's just 1-2 months out of warranty, and it stinks that you can't reach a human at Sony, just a machine. Does Sony have an online contact channel, i.e. - a problem-report form on their web site?

Just ignore the Sony priests who worship at the Altar of Sony. You have a legitimate complaint and you need to focus on getting Sony to respond... don't let others convince you that you are alone concerning this issue.