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Was playing Guitar Heroes 3 two days ago and I'm going to play Uncharted a few hours ago. I popped the game in and nothing happens. Oops, maybe a misread. Ejected and reinserted, still nothing happens. Maybe it's the disk. Got warhawk and reinserted, still nothing happens. WTF. Got a Frank Sinatra CD, still nothing happens.

Called Sony, guess what they told me. Sorry, your console exceeded the warranty period. $120 for repair. WTF SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I have two Xbox 360 and both are still working fine, one's even a launch console. And you SONY are making fun of MS with 3rl. AND YOU CAN"T EVEN GIVE A GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT. THIS IS BS.

 Anyone had any experience w/ Sony support???? This is killing me. And they say PS3  is very reliable. WTF.


Forgive me people, I need to vent....