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Hynad said:
Wander_ said:

The ps3 is the best CD based system ever. Here's why.


-It has the best innovative  exclusives on the market.

-The most reliable system i've ever seen.

-In it's 6th year it still has several BLOCKBUSTER upcoming titels, no system has ever done that.

-Free online and the best paid subscription EVER!!.

-It is not just a gaming system you can watch movies,listen to music,surf the net, easiley.

-Sony's 10 year plan so you don't have to buy next gen consoles to play 3rd party games.


So what do you guys think?



The 360 did have Halo 4, Forza Horizon and Gears of War Judgement.  Those are blockbusters that came , or are coming, after 6 years. So no, the PS3 isn't the only console to have done that. And that's not talking about the PS2.

Sure, the Ps3 has a really promising year coming for it, software wise, but you're blowing it out of proportion.

Also, by "CD" I assume you really mean Disc.

i meant exclusive games in one year. gears came out in 2011, Halo 2012, Forza is not a blockbuster.