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With all due respect to all Microsoft fans, i will never buy an xbox720 because i got burned with the 360 i lost over a 1000$ on it and they all broke in the first 3months.

So they all (how many by he way) broke in the first 3 months and you lost over 1000 dollars.  


Btw did you ever play online? 

Back in 2007 the 360 was 399$ i got it cuz of all the 3rd party exclusives like Dead Rising,Saint's Row,BioShock,Mass Effect, i didnt wanna get a ps3 because it was to damn expensive and didnt have any game i want i basically hated the ps3 back than i thought it would get dicuntinued , 1st Xbox rroded 2nd one rroded so when 3rd one broke i just said screw it and baught a ps3 still working BTW, Dont act like you only had one Xbox, And yes i played online may i ask why?

Aren't you from Switzerland?

can you cut the fake ghetto speak its embarrassing. 

right so you weren't aware of the warranty then? Why is that?

I have had 360 since launch, 2005, 1 RROD, replaced free of charge within a week by the excellent warrant replacement service. 

also can you tell me your live ID please. 

1Q:fo shizzle my nizzle

2Q:im 21 so 6 years ago i was 15 years old i didn't know how warranty's work. at the end i lost 1200$ all those hours baby sitting and saying welcome to mcdonalds down the toilet

You didn't know how warranty worked, yet at 15 you were already paid enough to be able to afford 3 XBox 360s...


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