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Kwaad said: 2. Look at how the N64 and GC sold for their first 6 months. 3. Look at how the N64 and GC sold AFTER their first 6 months.
Look at how the N64 and GC sold in Japan and Europe for their first 6 months... N64 and GC had fantastic launches in America, as good or better than the PS2 or Wii... And America remained the only competitive (10m+ sales) market for N64 and GC. But unlike those two systems, Wii has had a fantastic launch in all three major territories. In Japan, Wii is already ahead of 6-month sales for N64 after only 3 months, and ahead of 1-year sales for GC. Wii has sold 12% of N64 and GCs combined 10-year total already in Europe. Furthermore, Wii looks to be maintaining its sales beyond the first two months even in America. GC sales fell off after the 2-month Xmas/launch period in America, while Wii put up record January numbers. Though its not a fair comparison because N64 launched in a September, Wii is even ahead of N64's 3-month sales, and will remain ahead at the 6-month mark with 250,000 a month Feb-April, which sounds totally reasonable after seeing those Jan numbers which were managed with only a single game release. So basically matching American launches of previous consoles, while maintaining sales better post-launch, and having much better Japanese and European showings ought to prove that Wii is a different beast.

"[Our former customers] are unable to find software which they WANT to play."
"The way to solve this problem lies in how to communicate what kind of games [they CAN play]."

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President. Only slightly paraphrased.