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tonymarraffa said:
They still sell the fucking Genesis in Brazil lol.

It's not a significant amount, I'm afraid. Most gamers play PS3, 360 and Wii. PS2 to some extent due to available piracy.

The problem in tracking sales in places like Brazil is that they are only tracking official sales, while most players import their consoles from USA or Europe or minor import stores, instead of buying from major retailers where the official packages are sold (and therefore tracked).

The official price of a PS3 slim in Brazil today is around BR 1399,00, or something close to U$ 650,00... That's due to the taxes, Sony says. A minority of people will buy their consoles at this price, most will import theirs to avoid paying the taxes.

Microsoft has seemingly installed a factory in Brazil which reduces their costs so they sell the official 360 at a much lower price than the PS3. The official sales of 360 are higher than the  official PS3 due to this, but when imports are considered, PS3 is just as, if not more popular than 360 in Brazil. 360 is also more pirated while PS3 is most chosen console to go 'legit' and play online due to no monthly fee. Note that PS Plus has not arrived in Brazil but Xbox Live Gold has.

Source: lived/worked in Brazil for a few months, brazilian friends. Also, in stores I only saw PS3, 360, PC and Wii sections (maybe PS2? don't remember). No such thing as Genesis or old consoles like that. :D