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platformmaster918 said:
BasilZero said:

Why would you want MGS5 on Vita? How about its own stand alone installment like Portable Ops+/Peace Walker.

Leave "Metal Gear Solid" mainline series on consoles and spinoffs/enhanced ports/remakes on Portables.

because that could actually save the Vita like MGS4 saved the PS3 early on

If its an exclusive I would understand on the saving part, but would be dumb as a whole for the fanbase. It also isnt realistic to release a mainline title on just one platform anymore and if they do that, it would do better on a console like the PS3 or the next gen PS4.

Along with the fact would make no sense if it is exclusive since it showed both PS3 and Xbox360 on the trailer, the Vita part can be true however I cant see the game alone pushing enough units to be considered save since I'm pretty sure the PS3 version would outsell the Xbox360 version, cant imagine the Vita version sales if that happens.


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