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Hi all,

So, like many, I purchased Halo 4 for Christmas during Amazon's traditional Black Friday Lightning Deal.  Specifically, I went there for the $20 gift card promotion.  However, I was really surprised to see my $20 gift card was not applied to my account after several days of owning the game.  I made sure to click on the "claim now" and defintely checked out with ample time.

I did a quick search and discovered others were having some difficulty with this, too.  One person said to contact Amazon, and they will fix the problem.    Just want to report that I was credited the $20.  Overall I had no problems once I was able to explain my situation.  Just be nice to the chat representative -- kindness goes a long way, trust me.  Also, it pays to keep all emails documenting everything!  I'm still sold on Amazon's customer support.

Everyone needs to play Lost Odyssey! Any opposition to this and I will have to just say, "If it's a fight you want, you got it!"