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JayWood2010 said:

I agree.  I can't say how happy I am with this game.  It's rare that I'd give a game above a 9 from a critic's stand point.  Personally this has been my favorite game in the last few years. And it is definitely up there with Halo 3.  I really hope they can fix Infinity Slayer though.  Something I forgot to mention was the boltshot.  You should not have a mini shotgun in your pocket lol  I can rack up kills with that thing so easily and now a lot of people are using it extensively in Infinity Slayer.  They should tone it down or something.  Maybe make it a shot that takes your inergy down instead  of a 1 shot kill maybe, I dont know.

Yeah, as a result the Boltshot is basically the mandatory secondary weapon. Even better than having another primary weapon in my opinion. I guess they thought it would be too similar to a Plasma change if it only dropped the shields, but they could at least make the 1 hit KO range shorter.

At least all primary weapons are perfectly balanced.