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In my opinion, of course. 

10. Spambots. Unlike the above, I think everyone can agree with this. There should be a mandatory email response before someone can become a member. This has been a problem for as long as I can remember and it still hasn't been addressed. It's like VGChartz doesn't even care about spam; perhaps they welcome spam. To see just how easy it was to create a faulty account on here, I myself created an alt about a year ago. The alt has nearly 2,000 posts and is a fairly prominent member on here. (j/k) This madness needs to end! 

9. The self proclaimed unbiased gamer. These people make way too many posts bragging about how they're not biased. These people are annoying in general, but this is mainly directed at the "unbiased gamer" who in actuality is biased while scorning others who are biased. If you truly are not biased, then your posts should be evidence enough of that. You shouldn't have to go around assuring everyone of what should be obvious.

8. People who quote excessively long posts. There isn't much explanation needed here. It's one thing to scroll through one long post, but to have to go through the same post twice is annoying. It's especially bad when the person who quotes the post is only replying to one section, forcing everyone to scroll through extra pages of text for nothing. Note to all: If you are replying to a long post, please delete the text/media that you are not replying to.

7. Last Word Warriors. When a conversation is about to end, Last Word Warriors do everything in their power to get the last word in (even if they don't use words at all). I guess it gives them some sort of feeling of accomplishment to know that they've completed a discussion. It gets really bad when you have two Last Word Warriors who refuse to stop talking. You have a situation like this:

LWW1: *writes post on why GTAV will be great*
LWW2: excellent post dude.
LWW1: Yup, Grand Theft Auto V is going to be great.
LWW2: Yeah bro, it's going to be pretty tight!
LWW1: No doubt, I can't wait until it release.
LWW2: Me neither.
LWW1: Haha
etc. etc.

As you can see, this discussion should have ended at the 1st or 2nd reply. But Last Word Warriors are biologically programmed to continue the conversation long past when a normal person would stop. Fortunately, this site has rules against the above behavior, so it doesn't happen too frequently.

6. Moderators who intervene just when a thread gets interesting. This usually happens via locking a thread or by banning a member of a discussion. Heated discussions are oftentimes the most interesting discussions to read through. Debates can become so serious that it seems as though the debate members are fighting for their honor and dignity. What's more interesting than that? People are called idiots, fanboys, etc. This is when debates are the most interesting; whoever loses is the definitive idiot or fanboy, and the winner would have ultimate bragging rights. We have to see who wins and who loses. Unfortunately, at this point, moderators usually step in to end the debate just when shit gets real.

5. People who don't delete quote trees. This is probably the one entry on the list that I'm sure everyone agrees with. There isn't much explanation required here. A few times, I've tried to say, "Hey guys, fix the quote trees!" but that never works. Either they never see your post or they just don't care. Once people have started their quote trees, they cannot stop. 

4. Apple fans... Nuff said

3. Old geezers constantly complaining about the golden days of VGChartz. We get it. You liked VGChartz more back in the old days. Was it really better though? Maybe, but constantly complaining about it isn't doing anyone any good. It doesn't improve the site in any way. If anything, complaining worsens the site. It would be okay if the geezers actually contributed to improving the site, but from what I've seen, many of them don't attempt to make any progress. They just complain oftentimes without even suggesting a way to improve the site. If you want to improve the site, then improve it! Don't just talk about how bad it's become.

2. People who won't let a thread die. People who do this usually do so in their own threads. They can't stand to see their thread die, so they constantly bump it over and over again. I don't usually mind people who bump their threads, but I become annoyed with certain types of people: 1.) people who make bumps multiple times in one thread, and 2.) people who bump old threads without adding anything to the discussion, and 3.) people who bump threads to make a post they clearly could have made a long time ago. Here's an example of what I mean:

Joey: I think the 360 is the best console.
Marvin: Nope, PS3 is superior
Charles: Pfft...you're both wrong. The Wii is the best.
Joey: Naw Marvin, the PS3 has inferior multiplats

*eight days later*

Joey: Naw Charles, the Wii is okay, but it has weak 3rd party support.

Not only did the person bump an eight-day old thread with nothing to add, but he didn't even try to give the illusion that he was. He could have made the exact same post eight days earlier. This is a clear case of someone who would go through desperate measures to keep their thread alive.

1. The Generalizer. These people are the worst types of poster on VGChartz. They take the opinions of a small minority and use those to represent the view of an entire fanbase. Unfortunately, the representatives that they choose are always so bad that s/he is disliked even within the community. It's bad enough that people use a few bad posters to make an entire fanbase look bad. What's worse is the fact that people use those generalizations as if they were true, in order to warrant their attacks on the 'opposing fanbase.' If you generalize, then you sir, are the most annoying type of poster on this site.


Who are the most annoying type of posters to you?