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Yes I have a Vita bought it day 1 (First console/handheld I've ever done that for) I regularly use it for browsing checking twitter (Which is a really good app) and sometimes Facebook (Which has a really crap app) I sometimes go on youtube but its annoying that it doesn't re-direct to the app when clicking links. Really pleased we are getting PS+ and a g-mail app.

I love the fact we have trophies, I like the bubble interface. The only bad thing is the memory cards they should have skipped the 4GB option because I may want some awesome open world type game such as an Infamous game but they'd have to skimp down on it with not enough memory on all vitas for a "full experience" I have no need for a smartphone any time soon.

What about the games you may ask?

Well I have Unit 13, MGSHD colletion, Modnation, Motorstorm RC, Sound Shapes, Mutant Blobs attacks, Sunflower, Super stardust delta, Frobisher Says digitally and Uncharted Golden Abyss Physical.

I have God of War Ghost of sparta (PSP) and MGS1, FF7, Crash 3.

I will be selling Uncharted Golden abyss and downloading it and Gravity rush when Plus comes next week!

I think the largest thing putting people off it the Memory cards, they should have had internal memory ala PSPgo and had memory cards at least half-price. They get a better cut from digital than physical so why wouldn't they encourage me at every step to go all Digital? Silly Sony bear.

PSP Lifetime more than PSV+3DS Lifetime.