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I just want o get a gage of the percentage of core gamers who haven't got the system and why?

I was watching Epic Battle Axe and I realised non of them own a system, yet they spend their whole lives talking about video games...

I'm  trying to figure out if its simply an issue of not enough AAA games, Maybe you've already bought a 3DS and you're content with that, Pricing ( a combination of the 2/3?) or whether you have no interest in Handheld gaming. I want as many responses as possible! 

Thanks! :)

Update: I bought one in june, didn't play it for while but I'm really enjoying it now

Games I've got: 

Gravity Rush, MGSHD Collection, Soundshapes,  FFVII, Vagrant story and Little Big planet. I bought AC: Liberation aswell but mainly to just support the system, I don't really enjoy AC games that much.