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S.Peelman said:
WindyCityHeat said:
Vita failing would really solidify the fact that people want low quality sub-par handheld experience on mobile/3ds.

Vita success would obviously be good for the industry. I'm not sure developers love working on shovelware.

Ehm, as it stands, no game on Vita game has enticed me to buy this system while my 3DS library is growing at a faster rate than any handheld I've ever owned due to the amount of high quality titles pouring out. As I've seen no Vita game which definitely looks superior to a 3DS game either, I'm still left wondering what this supposed 'high quality' is supposed to be.

I agree on the mobile point though, Vita games are of higher quality than mobile games, but as it stands; 3DS = Vita x 10. Apparently I'm not the only one, as sales show.

That's how almost every Vita owner feels too (about Vita instead of 3DS of course). For those of us like me that are interested in it, the great games just keep flowing in. The system already is fantastic and Sony has convinced Vita owners that the content just keeps coming, they just need to convince everyone else.

As it stands; Vita = 3DS X 20. Apparently people don't like good games, as sales show. ;)