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Interesting that Sony still hasn't released any numbers. This may say that allthough current subs are very happy, the total numbers arent high enough to brag about yet.

Microsoft hasn't released Gold subs either. They must be low right!?

The fact that you need it for MP and with 360s emphasis on online proves thats simply not the case. Nice try.  Gold accounts are in constant fluctuation with people adding it, expiring for others without renewing, or even just buying a 3 month Gold card just for a certain one game they gotta play online

PSN + is designed to "trap" you in keeping the service due to the "free" games that you only keep by staying. Live has been around since 2002....PSN Plus has been around for far less. It would make sense to give a progress report. apples and oranges.

No need for a progress report. Just a number. "This number of Xbox Live Gold subscribers"

Playstation Plus is in no way designed to trap you. It is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. The free games are only a bonus and chances are you beat these games very quickly and just forget about them. There is really no need to renew your subscription unless you want to keep receiving more free games.(most people will)

Xbox Live however IS designed to "trap" the consumer. You NEED Gold to play ANY GAME online or even to use your current Netflix or Hulu subscription. Subscription after subscription. And now they're even adding a contract with a monthly fee....I wonder if people will ever get tired of this.

If the masses were informed about what Playstation Plus offers versus what Xbox Live offers, they would choose PS+. Even if there was no PS+, most would still choose PSN over XBL. Why don't they? Peer pressure. Your friend has an Xbox so you want one too. That's what it comes down to. Playstation Plus could offer you each PS3 game ever relased for free and it would still have less subscriptions than Xbox Live Gold.

Oh please.....the "im losing because the masses aren't informed" is weak, really weak. Totally speculation and just a sore losers excuse. They had 6+ years to get informed. It just never occurs to you that maybe Live is more community oriented, seamless, and cross game chat/party system is still a big thing, and has fewer but more "worthwhile" exclusives (that one is my opinion). I could say the same thing in Europe and Japan with your peer pressure logic. But I digress, ill stop it here.

But to all others: he brought Live into this discussion, not me.

Actually I agree with VGKing, North Americans are really miss informed. When I talk to people in Canada and especially the USA that don't own a PS3, they tell me all this made up stuff about the console as if they are an expert on it, like, the most recent ones are; You can't play games online because the lag is so bad and there is none online to play with, I went online on a PS3 once to play CoD and I couldn't get a match going because online is dead, everyone that had their credit card info on PSN had money stolen by the hackers, PS3 has no games (yes, I still hear that), Xbox has the XBL Arcade PS3 has nothing like that, Xbox has more games coming out for it then PS3.

I hear this stuff all the time, they think the PS3 is the plague. I'm not sure where all this negativity started, but I remeber believing some of it when I was choosing between a PS3 and 360, and it helped me choose the 360.I didn't have so much time on my hands when this gen started, like most people, so I based my decission off of what others told me and what console my friends had.

And this is just talking about the PS3, not Plus. The second people hear "Playstation" their ears close and they won't even hear "Plus". Most people don't even want to hear about the service because they have such a negative attitude toward Playstation and have no itention of ever getting one.

If Sony wants to get people to buy a PS3 because of PS+ they are really going to have to work on their overal image first, which means they have to stop screwing everything up, especially when the first release something *cough* PlayStation store *cough*. The bad press is really hurting them.

Playstation All-Stars is one of the best games I've played this gen, and is the most fun I've had in a game this gen.